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Rich rich-mail at octoxol.com
Sat Dec 26 14:49:18 CST 2009

But, But, RayO  It's an Espresso Grinder made in Europe!  Think of the 
snob appeal.  Not only that its clearly overpriced.  You are not 
supposed to grind coffee with it anyway.  You put it on the counter and 
let everyone look at it.  Reminds me of an old British car or motor cycle.

raymanowen at gmail.com wrote:
> I looked at the
> Coffetime/uk<http://coffeetime.wikidot.com/versalab-m3-grinder> site
> re: the Versalab M3 coffee grinder. Bear in mind that the 17.5% VAT on the
> $2k machine represents more money than I paid for the miKe-alerted Mazzer.
> My opinions are thus prejudiced.
> The Versalab M3 coffee grinder in its 2008 vintage makes a mockery of good
> machine design. Allen head screws- Whoopie! They could have used Torx
> security heads
> The upper grinding burr, drive shaft and belt-driven sheave are supported
> and located by just a single bearing. Very slight bearing wear will allow
> the shaft to run loose and the driven burr to wobble on a shifting axis.
> Even the Corvair cooling blower and its idler pulley hub used twin bearings.
> When new, with zero wear, the bearing is probably able to fix the angularity
> of the vertical drive shaft. It is true that the long term sum of the
> angularity induced by the beans being chipped by the burrs is zero.
> Unresolved moments produced by forces on the burrs perpendicular to the axis
> of the shaft would be disastrous for single bearings.
> Imposing radial force, axial thrust or angular moments on a single bearing
> is what Deming would describe as failure engineering.
> Scroll down the Coffeetime page for a close-up photo of the grounds that
> look like they came out of a Kaleidoscope...
> The VAT, or the Mazzer- is that the Question? No arguing with the cup, but
> at $2 Big for the grinder, it's already Second Mortgage Season. Call it good
> and hope nobody notices.
> Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da -RayO,aka Opa!
> Got Grinder?
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