[Homeroast] I-Roast2 malfunctions

Starfinder Stanley coffee at starf.org
Sat Dec 26 12:01:25 CST 2009

Well, here I am at the inlaws' in Florida, trying to troubleshoot the
malfunctioning iRoast2 we gave them for XMas (from SM's) 2 years ago.  The
first one fried itself in about a year and was replaced by the company with
another base unit, which didn't work properly from the get-go....
Unfortunately, around the same time her mom was diagnosed with cancer, and
so coffee roasting was relegated to the back burner for a while.

Now that things are settling down again, she's started trying to roast
again, and the malfunctioning unit is frustrating her.  It fires up fine,
but gets partway through a roast and then just shuts off ---I've seen it do
it 3 minutes in, or 7 minutes in, both times on the same profile from a cold
start.  When it shuts off, it just resets to ready-to-roast, like it was
just plugged in.  You can start it roasting again (and I did, since I was
not even to first crack), and it might run for 15 seconds or through to the
end of the roast.

I started off by reducing the amount of beans to 1/2 a cup.  No
improvement.  I thought it might be restricted airflow, since the first unit
died and the second wasn't working right out of the box, so I cleaned all
the screens thoroughly.  No improvement.  I removed the lower air intake
screen to reduce preload.  Seemed to run longer, but still didn't make it
through a roast, and the time to shutdown is so variable I can't say that it
helped any.  I took the roaster outside and ran it without the chaff lid on,
to minimize afterload backpressure.  Still took 3 resets to finish the
roast.  I angled the roaster to take some more pressure off the fan.  No

Next I'll see if it runs through the whole cycle without beans, I guess....
Anybody have any ideas, suggestions?


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