[Homeroast] OT: Cast Iron Cookware (from "Roasting smoke and birds")

Alchemist John John at chocolatealchemy.com
Fri Dec 25 22:03:42 CST 2009

I have and adore my cast iron.  Probably 8 pieces from 4" to a huge 
14-16" deep dish that I often use for pizza (among other 
things).  One of my most loved items is an ancient (1875 is the 
casting mark) waffle iron that we got from my wife's 
grandfather.  Horrid condition when we got it.  Took months to get it 
clean and usable but we did and now it is like nothing else.  Don't 
give up on your ePay item if it does not work right off.

I have always wanted to build a cast iron drum roaster....just not 
sure how to go about it aside from casting my own drum......

At 10:18 AM 12/23/2009, you wrote:
>You touched on an interest of mine; cast-iron cookware, 
>Starfinder.  The more I use newer stuff, the more I like my old 
>cast-iron.  Egads, I've spent a bundle on cookware over the years, 
>and most of it sits unused - other than my cast-iron.  There's 
>something gratifying about rescuing an old piece destined the scrap 
>heap and putting it to work.  The simplicity of a gas stove and 
>cast-iron just works for me.  Right now, I'm looking forward to the 
>arrival of a century-old waffle iron I scored on ePay.  I'm 
>anticipating my electric waffle-iron will be relegated to "shelf 
>weight" status.
>Anybody else on the list in love with ancient cast-iron?
>From: "Starfinder Stanley" <coffee at starf.org>
> > another story.  Regardless, IMO you can't beat a good seasoned cast iron or
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