[Homeroast] Things i learned from Dan at USRC

michael brown disracer at msn.com
Thu Dec 24 21:14:13 CST 2009

Well add me to the list of USRC roaster owners.  I was in Oklahoma
Tuesday to be trained on my new 3kilo roaster.  She's fire engine red
so i've named her Ginger!  Should be shipped out beginning of next week.

I was really excited to learn more about temperature, times, heat, etc
since i've been a behmor user for so long and have been limited to

Here are some of the highlights from what i've learned, and would love to hear some input;

These are of course generalizations..

Temperature goals:

300F in 6.5-7min

365F in 10min

400F in 12min, then BACK OFF to lengthen out 1st

First crack goal: 10min

Average 1st crack temp: 354F ish, some as early as 320F

One of staff said this gem: "The first 12min is science, the last 3 is art."

Michael B 		 	   		  
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