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For the sugar to stay in suspension, the liquid containing it must be 
brought to a boil or very near.  You could have dissolved it in the 
espresso, when it was hot, but it might not have held that much sugar.  You 
could have boiled a small amount of water with the sugar to make a syrup and 
used higher proof vodka to make up for the water.  Bartender's or extra fine 
sugar melts a bit easier.  At this point, I would do as you suggested and 
decant the liquid off of the sludge.

Mike Chester

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> So, my delicious espresso infused vodka is ready to go into smaller 
> bottles
> to give as gifts, it tastes really good.  It is fantastic.  It kicks butt.
> I used SM Liquid Amber Espresso rested about 5 days for the espresso.  The
> infusion has been in a 750 ml bottle for about 2 weeks.
> I have sludge at the bottom of the bottle, it must be the sugar.
> I'm wondering if I didn't dissolve the sugar well enough.
> It tastes great when I leave the sludge at the bottom and only drink the
> top, and is noticeably sweeter when I shake it all up.
> I'm thinking of pouring it into another container and throwing away the
> sludge.
> Have any of you that have made this recipe have anything separate out like
> this?
> Thank you and Merry Christmas!
> -Bonnie P.
>> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Kris Bhatti" <krisbhatti at yahoo.com>
>> I asked the same question recently.  I made some and it is fantastic! 
>> Here
>>> is the recipe:
>>> 8 oz espresso
>>> 1 cup sugar
>>> 16 oz vodka
>>> 1/2 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
>>> pour the fresh brewed espresso over the sugar and stir until sugar is
>>> dissolved.  Add vodka and and vanilla bean, seal in jar and let rest in 
>>> cool
>>> dark place for 2 to 4 weeks.  Remove vanilla bean after a few weeks (not
>>> sure if that is necessary).  Or, open the jar after 6 hours and give it 
>>> a
>>> taste - it's good already!  Test over and over.  You may not have any 
>>> left
>>> by the 2 week point if you're not careful.
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