[Homeroast] Roasting smoke and birds

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You are not being overly cautious. Every precaution you can take you must.
If you can close off the kitchen and keep your bird as far away as possible
while roasting that will also be a benefit to your new family addition. Just
remember during wild fires birds are usually one of the first to flee and
alert other animals of the encroaching danger. If your bird detects smoke it
will feel very restless and will get frantic. It will be very stressful for
the bird.

John H. 

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Okay this may be largely directed at Starfinder, but I welcome anyone with
experience to chime in :)

We're getting a pet bird (Sun Conure). I know birds have very sensitive
respiratory systems, and I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions or
thoughts on roasting with a bird in the house. I do much of my roasting
outside with a heat gun, but some indoors with my modded IR2 and just
recently using the Z&D inside a box with my vent sucking roasting smoke to
the outside; I've considered a behmor, and may try it with a similar set-up.

I just hate the idea of anything happening to our new birdy. Am I just being
overly cautious, or is there a real risk?

current iRoast setup: http://www.radioactive.org/pix/roaster/
Tiki bird: http://www.radioactive.org/pix/tiki.jpg

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