[Homeroast] In the roaster

Jim Wilson sh8knj8k at msn.com
Mon Dec 21 23:01:28 CST 2009

John Despres said-


There will be 8 coffee drinkers in the house so this may be enough. If it's
not, a trip to Baby's Coffee in Key West will be in order.



~~~We lived in the lower Fla. Keys from 85'-98', most of those years on big time key (yes, I was a big pioneer=:-)  I remember when baby's coffee roasters first moved down there.  He was from Crooklyn.  I aksed why he left.  his reply? "we got tired of getting beat up"   Baby's first opened shop in a rented marina store oceanside on lower saddlebunch key IIRC  


I liked the cafe con leche down there (only from the cuban joints).  the 25 cent bouches weren't too bad either 






Reddick Fla.

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